Sunday, 15 December 2013

United Kingdom - Manchester & Bristol

A couple of covers from England both bearing a slogan postmark. 

Finland - Tampere

One of my favourite stamps and covers to collect are the ones from Finland because of their unique shaped and colourful stamps.

The stamp on the left is from the spring blossoms set issued on March 23, 2012. The flowers are shown in six retro-styled 1st class stamps in a miniature booklet depicting the liverwort, spring pea, least gagea, lung-wort, marigold and spring corydalis.

2013 Finland Valentine's Day sheet
The other stamp on the envelope, though it might not look like it, was issued on January 21, 2013 for Valentine's day. It is one of six 1st class self-adhesive stamps that come in a booklet. In keeping with the theme for Valentine's Day, these stamps feature playful landscapes made of sweets - ice cream, lolly, chocolate etc. There are also four stickers that you can use to decorate letters or cards. They look really fun. I don't know how you can resist these stamps.

Philippines - Davao

From the Philippines comes this cover with stamps from the Marine Life issue on November 04, 2011. 

The stamps on these set show the polyclad flatworm (PHP9), oriental sweetlips (PHP20) and Kunie's chromodoris (PHP35). All stamps have a barcode on the lower left side.

[Marine Life, type JDA] [Marine Life, type JDB] [Marine Life, type JDC]

Slovenia - Borovnica

Flowers on stamps always make me smile and this one has five of them so I'm extra happy. 

From a set issued way back in 2007 (January 1) these stamps feature 17 plant species of European importance that are native to Slovenia. They have also been selected to showcase Slovenia's flora which include primrose, azalea, ladybells, orchid, sandwort, pasque flower and gladiola. With denominations ranging from EUR0.01 to EUR2 they are the country's first Euro stamps.