Sunday 8 July 2018


Hawaiian Rainforest, Children's Book Illustration

In this cover the sender used one of the stamps from the Favourite Children's Books Illustrations series issued on January 10, 2006 as well as a couple from the Hawaiian Rainforest series (September 1, 2010).

2006 USA Picture Book Animals series
The Children's Book Illustration stamps had a face value of 39c and showed different picture book animals such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Fox in Socks, Wild Thing, Olivia etc.

If I had seen this issue in its entirety before today I would have ordered a set myself as they not only look really cute and colourful but also all because these are books that I've read when I was young.

For those who collect fauna and flora stamps, the Hawaiian Rainforest pane from the Nature of America series is a must have. As with previous issues, these focus on the complexity of plants and animals in the United States and consists of 10 different stamps with a face value of 44c each. USPS also issued pre-stamped cards featuring the beautiful art seen on the stamp pane.

2010 USA Nature of America series - Hawaiian Rainforest 

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